TANNIN offers expertise in Enterprise Business Architecture Analysis and Development.


Our goal is to identify processes and activities that are core to business success.


  • When a business knows the answers to the basic questions of: What, Why How, Where, Who and When then a clear view of the business will emerge, one that is independent of information systems.


These business oriented views set the platform for determining the systems required to achieve business goals.  Business process modeling can put business back into the picture through a business framework.  


Key motivators for the effort to create Business Process Models include:

·      Understand the key mechanisms of an existing business

·      Create the foundation for improving current business operation

o       Basis to innovate the business 

o        Basis to examine and optimize 

o       Basis to train corporate teams

o       Basis to create efficiencies through restructuring and outsourcing

·      Create the foundation of selecting, building and implementing dynamic information systems

Essence for Business Driven Solutions